Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wonder Woman

Sunday night... WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!  It was a blast from beginning to end, but did not leave much room for blogging.  How do those people that blog 24/7 do it?  Life is happening out there!  They must be glued to their computers at the hip!  But oh well.... My weekend adventure!

Friday can be summed up in one word!  Chimy's!  I remembered going to this place for margaritas and nachos all the time in college.  And by that I mean 1 one margarita.  Those things are so powerful they slap you in the face, and then they kick you in the teeth.  But, since I'm older and more mature (or have a higher tolerance), they are definitely not as bad as they used to be.  So all in all, I believe that everyone should experience a margarita from chimy's once in your life!  One of the best margaritas and plate of nachoes if I do say so my self.

Saturday... oh Saturday.  Up and down.  My red raiders put up a fight, but alas they could not hold K state.  Still my team, still guns up despite the loss.  Not gonna dwell on that loss though.  How do you get over a red raider loss??  Throw an impromptu Halloween party!  I was Wonder Woman!  I sure did feel empowered that night!  Guess not too empowered though.  My shirt came off the rack at wal mart, and not even in the costume section... it was in the regular clothes section.  It had a cape and everything.  I was just thinking that this was in the normal section of clothes at walmart... who would wear this every day?!  I must say my friends outdid themselves with their costumes though!  It was super fun with lots of laughter.

Sunday... REST day!  Too much of a good thing is bad for you... that's what they say.  But I strongly disagree.  I could go for another week of vacation.  It was so relaxing sleeping in, eating whatever, spending time with the hubs, family, and friends, good wine, EATING.  I defnitely don't see how so much of those good things can be bad for you!  But alas, they also say all good things must come to an end!  What a fabulous vacation spent at home!  There is one thing to look forward to though, headed to Arkansas for an adventure with the hubs in 3 weeks.  His friend Bobby is getting married!  Another state I get to mark off on my way to conquering the nifty fifty!

Till tomorrow, the world is calling... and I must answer!  Wait... that was definitely my bed calling!

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