Monday, October 29, 2012


Some people don't like Mondays, but I always see Monday as a chance to start again.  Whether it be a bad day I had last week or dieting woes that I suffered the week before, I always look forward to getting back on track Monday.

With that being said, I am back on track with my running today.  Going to Vegas in December to attempt my 2nd half marathon, and my training lacked while on vacation.  But I firmly believe, when one is on vacation, do what vacationers do!  Eat... Sleep... Be Merry... Repeat.  I do not believe in working out while on vacation.  I mean, who wants to stop having a great time cause they need to go sweat for an hour, stink, and miss out on the vacation fun?!  Not this girl!  I always tell myself, enjoy yourself now and get back into the routine when you go home.  I think others should adapt this philosophy, but to each their own.

Training starts back today.  My longest run in my training so far has been 6.2 miles.  Close to half of the half marathon, but time to buckle down.  Schedule says to do one long run a week.  Which is doable.  But I find the hardest part of long distance training is finding that perfect pick me up while you're running.  You're supposed to consume gatorade, water, and some sort of energy boost snack while running.  Water and gatorade are easy, but the "snack" is a pain.  I've tried the goo.  This is what I would think a booger would tatse like.  It's runny, slimey, bad flavory... quite disgusting. Never doing that again.  Protein bites are good, but they make you have cotton mouth.  Homemade remedies tend to stick to your boosum and you don't want to eat them.  Especially when you sweat alot!!  Nuff said.  Suggestions are welcome.  Till then, sticking with the sport beans by Jelly Belly.  Just hoping I don't accidently choke on one cause they are tiny!

Also, back to the dieting wagon.  Totally fine, but I'm going to miss bacony, cheesy, fried goodness for a bit.  Good thing thanksgiving is thrown in there in a couple of weeks!  Trying a cleanse this week.  I'll let ya know how it works out.

Well, the world is calling!!

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