Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bright lights

Well, as many of you know, I recently ran a half marathon in Las Vegas.  I have to say that it was one of the most awesome feelings in the world.  I mean, I have done a half marathon before, but running down the strip at night when it is all lit up is just one of those things that is exhilarating.  The lights of the Vegas strip illuminated the path and I had this dump of adrenaline that was incredible.  It fueled me to the finish line and it's an accomplishment that I'll never forget.  Though I did not make it to my goal of finishing in 2 hours and 45 minutes, I was only 3 minutes shy of this goal.  It's 21 minutes faster than my last half marathon, and it means that I will have to come back and try to defeat my old time!  I love Vegas so much that I may have to go back before the half marathon to scope out the course again!!

One thing that was awesome about visiting Vegas in december, is that the casinos were decorated with christmas decor for the holidays.  Ginormous Christmas trees, wreaths and other decor adorned the halls of these casinos.  I think in Vegas, it's go big or go home!!  Obviously.  I think there's a certain cheeriness in the air as well.  Everyone seemed a bit friendlier.  And the winnings were more abundant than they have been in the past.  Me and my hubby both came home with some money in out pockets!  It IS the most wonderful time of year everywhere!!

With that being said, I think one of my favorite things to do around the holidays is to go look at Christmas lights!  I think they are absolutely beautiful as each house tells a different story of the people who live there.  My most favorites are the "Griswald lit houses" with 10,000 sparkling, twinkling lights!  There is a house that I love to go by, it's close to my parent's house, that's on 66th and Ave. S.  It's got at least 8 Christmas trees, a farris wheel, a projection screen and tons of little knick knacks.  My inner child comes out and I feel like a kid again.  Like when Ralphie looks in the window at the red ryder BB gun at the toy store.  That's exactly how I feel.  I hope that this magic feeling is not dieing in our culture.  Sometimes I feel as though the Christmas spirit is really lost in buying stuff and rushing to get the holidays over with.  To me, Christmas is about the birth of Christ and the wonderful gift this world was given.  And spending as much time with family as you can.  Being with friends and laughing and remembering that this is the most wonderful time of year!  I definitely made some wonderful Christmas memories making Christmas candy with my mom, cousin, and her kids.  The family tradition of making date nut loaf has been passed on to me and my cousin, and I'm so excited to keep this tradition going as long as we can!

Well friends, there's only 13 days left till Christmas.  I got lots of shopping, cooking and spending time with family to do.  In case I don't post again till after the 25th, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!