Monday, November 5, 2012

It works!

I truely believe that the demise of all productivity of women lately has been because of pinterest.  I am one of these women and I'm not afraid to say so.  Sometimes I wish I had the job of testing the pins that people want to try.  You know, like they do on the news with does it work... I'd make a does it work pinterest style.  I'm sure there are pins that everyone repins with the intentions of trying it out one day.  I know I have.  I want to be that girl that tests them out and tells you whether they work or are easy, ect.  Recipes, DIY projects, remedies.... Was it actually worth it to repin it... or is it just a waste of time.  That being said, I'm interested if some company wants to pay me for my supplies and time.... but I highly doubt that this will happen.

I would like to share some of my "yes it works" knowledge from pins posted with my fellow friends and family.

1. 1/2 cup warm whitevinegar with 1/2 cup of blue dawn.  This remedy is supposed to clean the soap scum off your shower.  And it worked in my shower yesterday!  I had to give a tiny bit of elbow grease to get it to work, and the vinegar has to be warmed in the microwave... but it worked wonderfully!  Pin approved!

2.  If any of you have a microfiber couch or piece of furniture, I have found the remedy to clean the stains! Grab a spray bottle and saturate the stain with rubbing alcohol, then scrub with a white sponge.  I was absolutely amazed at the dirt and yuckiness that came out of my couch!  But it looks almost brand new now!  Yippee!  Pin approved!!

3. And finally I'm topping of my list with a cocktail.  All these remedies have worn me out for the day!  And I think everyone should end the day with a nice cocktail.  I'm freezing some coffee (as best I can without an ice cube tray) and am going to pour baileys over it.  I love baileys and I love coffee... so even though I haven't actually drank this yet, I'm giving it the Pin approved status!

I'm feeling a pinterest party for Christmas coming on!!  Whose in?!?

I promise all my posts will not be about pinterest, but I just felt overwhelming joy at my accomplishments and had to share.  Anywho.... Pinterest is calling.... and I must see what I can get into next!

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