Saturday, November 24, 2012

Husky for the holidays

The most wonderful time of year is upon us, and you know what that means.  Holiday goodies and treats!  YUM!!  I'm a firm believer in that all constricting clothing should be banned from the beginning of November till the beginning of January.  (or maybe just in general!!)  The holidays are supposed to be about "letting it all hang out" and enjoying yourself.  No worrying about the holiday calories.  I've never had an indulgent carrot or a to die for salad.  And trust me, no one ever enjoyed seeing the spandex brought out during Christmas.  Know why Santa's suit is so loose fitting... because that fat jolly guy wants to enjoy his cookies and milk!  There's a reason Santa isn't a skinny guy.... it's the holidays that make him put on the weight!  He is the poster child for the inner fat kid in us all!!  Bring on the sweats!

With all this being said, since the beginning of November, I have gained 4 pounds.  And I have no intention of even thinking or trying to loose the pounds over the holidays.  I'm sure just gonna try and maintain, but definitely won't be depriving myself of my mother's delicious candies or my grandmother's delightful dishes at Christmas dinner!  I do find it rather odd that I've gained 4 pounds.  I've been training for a 1/2 marathon since September and doing most of my rough training this month.  Even did a long run while on vacation in little rock!  Ah well.... it's muscle right?!

So folks, remember.  As you deck your walls with jingle bells and decorate the tree with those homemade ornaments, it is ok to indulge yourself with treats and eats!  The holidays are for enjoying those things that we only get once a year.  That's what new year's resolutions are for right?!  Can't have something to work for next year if you've already done it this year!  So I will be maintaing husky for the holidays campaign and everyone is free to join!!

The cranberry bread and butter sauce is calling.... No way I'm not answering!!

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