Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life so far in 2014

Man, I have not gotten the hang of this blogging thing down yet!  I'm like, yep, I'm gonna blog my little heart out.... then I totally go off the grid with it for about oh....6 months.  Guess time has not been on my side lately.

So what's new in 2014 for the Dawkins...

Well, we spent most of January through March traveling and celebrating weddings and festivities with friends.  Vegas was great.... as usual.  In February, went to my beautiful friend Megan's bachlorette party, which was so much fun to be with my friend and celebrate.  Milestone mid february.  Back in 2006, I went skiing with the youth group at my church and broke my old tail bone. It was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life.  Chad, being the amazing man he is, got me to get back up on skis and try it again.  And I only fell a few times.  It was also a great time to spend with great friends just relaxing and enjoying life and the mountains.

March brough about the marriages of 2 of my best friends from college, Kristin and Megan.  I was so great to get to be a part of their big days.  And I'd love to throw in here that being a part of The Rays wedding was another highlight of my december.  I love weddings and it was a special time to get to be a part of these amazing ladies (and gentlemens) days!!

April has been a whirl wind.... literally... lots of wind.  I have been studying for promotional exams and it has got my nerves on edge.  Besides going through the hiring process with the LFD, this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  I've never really had to study before... always the procrastinator.  But procrastination is not an option for this test.  There's so much information and I feel like my tiny little brain will never remember it all.  It's also hard because I'm putting all this time and effort into studying, and I feel like everyone else in my life has to sacrifice... and in the end, if I don't score high enough, was the sacrifice really worth it.  Inner battle and struggle right now.  I always know that God has a plan, and whatever happens is in His plan.  So if anyone reads my dumb blog, know that I promise life will go back to normal after June 23.

Despite my crazy study schedule, I have gotten into a crazy little travel program with my hubs.  And we are loving it.  Gonna get to go to Jamaica with great friends in September and am stoked.  If you love to travel, and want to know more about getting cheap trips, I'm your girl.

Now, onto the meat and potatoes.  Me and chad are fabulous.  Love that man with all my heart.  He even sometimes gets into my crazy ideas to!  We tried paleo diet back in February... which is good food, but dang, options are so limited.  While you are making healthy choices, I do enjoy my fatty options every now and then and I can not... I repeat CAN NOT live without my potatoes.  A life without potatoes is meaningless, and I gotta add bacon in there to.

No life inspiration to offer today.  Just a litte about what's going on with the Dawkins.  Maybe I'll be more inspirational after a potato and bacon feast.  Gotta get back to the books now.

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